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Wagg Foods receives bronze accreditation from Investors in the Environment

Independent dried pet food producer Wagg Foods has received Bronze Accreditation from Investors in the Environment (iiE). 

The Investors in the Environment Bronze standard requires legal compliance, the accurate recording and monitoring of environmental issues and resources, setting targets to reduce environmental impact and undertaking crisis planning.

“Congratulations to Wagg Foods for achieving iiE’s Bronze accreditation – this is a fantastic indication of the hard work and effort the organisation has put into continually improving their green credentials,” explained iiE’s David Knight.

“It’s great to see a business proudly setting the standard for the environment and making such a positive impact, with an environmental policy in place and improving their efficiency for resources such as energy and water. Within their environmental commitments, Wagg Foods introduced a robust waste management system, with good segregation of waste helping them achieve zero waste to landfill.”

Wagg Foods Operations Director George Page, said: “We do everything we can to reduce energy consumption and prevent waste.  Our CHP (Combined Heat and Power Plant) generates electricity from natural gas and also produces heat and steam for use in our production processes.  It has also helped us to reduce our carbon footprint – for example in 2014 we cut it by 1,726 tonnes of CO2, which is the equivalent of taking 575 cars off the road each year.

“Zero waste goes to landfill with material that can’t be either recycled or recovered sent to a waste transfer station from where it goes to Ferrybridge Power Station to help generate electricity.”

Other initiatives introduced by Wagg Foods include sourcing raw ingredients such as meat and cereals locally so reducing transportation costs and supporting other local businesses. In addition, the business has developed a compostable bag to hold product.

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