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RSPCA names new Chief Executive

The RSPCA has named its new Chief Executive. Jeremy Cooper will assume the role on April 4 2016. The position has remained unfilled for two years.

Jeremy is currently the Chief Executive of  RSPCA Assured, the charity’s food label. In statement released on the RSPCA’s website he said:

“The RSPCA is a unique charity with a long and proud history. To have been given the opportunity to lead the organisation responsible for giving so many animals a second chance of the life they deserve is a huge honour.

“I want to continue the process of ensuring the RSPCA is a modern, outward looking organisation with a clear purpose and built on strong values. My role will be to ensure we have a strategic plan that allows us to rescue as many animals in need as possible and to prevent cruelty wherever it takes place.

“I’ve been lucky enough to see at first hand just what incredible work our dedicated staff do to help rescue and rehabilitate animals. I’ve been stunned and humbled at the compassion I’ve witnessed and the lengths our fantastic teams go to to improve the welfare of all animals, from pets and wildlife, to farm animals and animals used in research.

“We’ve been around nearly 190 years already, and I want to tap into the talent and passion already within the Society to ensure we can carry on for as long as cruelty to animals exists.”




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