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Beco Pets launches new dog food at PATS

Beco Pets has launched its biggest range yet. The eco-friendly company has dubbed its new products ‘Britain’s most eco-conscious dog food’.

After two years of secret research and development, the award-winning company revealed details of its new food for the first time to delegates attending the PATS Sandown expo in Surrey.

The new range uses ethically and locally sourced ingredients. Beco Pets’ Food for Dogs has announced that it is the first British brand on the market to use sustainably caught fish, carrying the respected blue MSC mark, the official certification of sustainable seafood from The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Beco Food for Dogs, which is gluten free, hypoallergenic, and a completely natural food, comes in three new flavours:

  • MSC cod and haddock
  • Free-range Norfolk chicken
  • Free-roaming wild boar

Beco’s North Atlantic fish recipe includes natural prebiotics and foods like kale and chickpeas, helping dogs’ digestion and immune system.

Beco has announced that its dry dog food is the first to use free-range chicken. Its free-range hens are given the freedom to roam outdoors with access to grubs, wild flowers, green pastures and sunlight. Beco’s wild boar recipe includes broccoli and pumpkin.

Beco Pets Food for Dogs is grain-free and also meat-meal free. Its fresh meat content and other low-carbon type materials are ethically farmed and locally sourced.

Beco dog food’s other ingredients include bilberries, Marigold flowers, milk thistle nettles, cleavers, chamomile, fennel and Burdock root.



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