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What’s hot in pet food? Euromonitor’s predictions for 2016

Market intelligence firm, Euromonitor International, has released pet food predictions for 2016. In a recent opinion piece, Paula Flores, Euromonitor International’s head of pet care research, foretells an ongoing increase in ‘pet humanisation’. Flores says the growing trend to treat pets as children has led to an increase in expenditure by owners.

Flores tracks the increased interest in artisanal pet food: “The foodie phenomenon has also meant that more consumers are turning to cooking for their pets. This is not jeopardising sales, but, rather, it is driving demand for more innovative products that can help owners to bake treats more easily or prepare different meals for their furry friends.”

Other big areas for 2016 include consumers’ increased concentration on pet food formulations, ingredients and labelling. Owners in North America and around the world are expected to be more interested than ever in supply chains.

Flores comments: “Aspects such as transparency will be at the forefront of running a business as we settle into the era of the ever-connected consumer. There is no getting away from information, and CSR policies need to be more than just a job titles.”
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