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Kitten lost during floods looks for owner

Yorkshire Cat Rescue has asked pet owners to ensure their cats are microchipped, after efforts to locate the owners of a kitten found in the recent floods failed despite a popular online appeal.

The kitten was found wandering the streets of of Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire on Boxing Day. He was rescued from the flooded area by Yorkshire Cat Rescue and named Storm.

Charity’s centre manager, Sam Davies said: “We can only guess that Storm either escaped or was let out while Hebden Bridge was flooded, and got lost in the terrible conditions.

“Storm is still a little timid – most likely because of what he has gone through – and he still sleeps a lot which is rare for a kitten this age. He is also a clingy and affectionate little soul, and I’m certain he misses his family. We suspect they miss him too but sadly he isn’t microchipped and our appeal has so far failed to reach them.”

Yorkshire Cat Rescue launched an online search in an attempt to locate Storm’s family. “The Facebook appeal to find Storm’s owners was shared almost 2,500 times and Liked by more than 500 people within just a few hours. Local media picked up the story too but to no avail.”

When particularly friendly cats are found wandering the streets and are brought to Yorkshire Cat Rescue, the charity usually waits two weeks before starting to find them a new home in case the owner comes forward.

“The appeal was extremely popular and we were hoping that Storm’s owners would get in touch. Unfortunately, it was a call that never came and we have now decided that it is time for Storm to get a new home. He even has a few offers already.”

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