Tesco expands into the pet sector

Supersized grocery chain, Tesco, has announced plans to open an in-store pet grooming service. A Tesco spokesperson has confirmed that a planning application will be put in for its Culverhouse Cross store in Cardiff.

The move has prompted media speculation; The Telegraph suggests the ‘Pet Den’ trial could be rolled out within more of the retail giants’ six thousand-plus stores. If this is the case, the independent grooming sector may find itself facing a large scale competition.

Tesco Chief Executive Matt Davies is well aware of the pet sector’s potential. The former accountant spent eight years as the CEO of Pets at Home after taking on the leading role in 2004.

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Pet-loving Davies became known for his habit of bringing his black Labrador to work. In 2015, Davies made the move to Tesco, after spending two years at Halfords.

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