M’Hearties: The latest product from Lily’s Kitchen

Lily’s Kitchen has introduced M’Hearties, a new heart-shaped, premium treat for dogs (and cats) made from 100 percent Icelandic pressed cod fillets.

The product arrives in an attractive keepsake tin and aims to provide new treating and gifting opportunities for dog owning customers for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

The palm-sized practical design features a flip lid for easy access and a stylish nautical design.

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The complementary treats are a source of natural protein and Omega 3. Each one is low in fat and contains no grain, sugar, carbohydrate, colours, flavour enhancers or preservatives and can help to maintain a shiny coat and strong bones.

Lily’s Kitchen views provenance and sustainability as fast becoming top factors in purchase decisions across the pet food market. The Icelandic water where the wild cod is sourced is amongst the purest in the world.

The tins come in eye-catching display boxes designed to look good merchandised at till points and to provide impulse purchase opportunity.

M’Hearties are available now for independent pet shops and vet clinics nationwide. RRP £5.95.

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