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Fish4Dogs’ Sea Jerky voted best treat for the fourth time

The readers of consumer magazine Your Dog voted Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky the ‘best treat’ for the fourth consecutive year.

Created by Fish4Dogs, the popular product is made from baked fish skins compressed into blocks, cut into small cubes and then baked – nothing is added.

By using massive pressure, to compress the skins, this treat has a density that gives it a real crunch, helping to clean dogs’ teeth. Each Sea Jerky Tiddler has only only 2.5 calories.

Graham Smith CEO of Fish4Dogs commented: “Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky is the original dried fish skin treats and, according to the readers of Your Dog magazine, the best. To have it voted best treat not just once but for four years in a row is a fantastic testament to the quality of our products and the regard with which consumers hold the brand.”

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