7% spend more on pets than children at Christmas

Animal lovers within the UK may spend up to £250 million on pets’ presents this Christmas, claims a recent survey from the RSPCA.

Nine out of ten pet owners polled by the charity said they would be buying their pet a festive gift. 43 percent also aimed to purchase presents for others on their pet’s behalf.

The survey, which targeted over 200 pet owners, discovered that a third of people planned to spend £30 to £50 on their favourite creatures. 54 percent – more than half – will provide pets with a Christmas stocking.

Pet parenting is in full swing with 69 percent planning to sign their furry, feathered or scaly friend’s name on their Christmas card.  Shockingly, 7 percent admit to lavishing more money on creature companions than upon their children. 35 percent of people aim to spend more on pets’ presents than on those of siblings.

So, how does a poll of 200 predict a £250m festive spend? The RSPCA used the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Associations’ figures on pet owners in the UK to estimate the total amount to be splurged.

For pet retailers these figures, if correct, should represent good news. The following fortnight should be a busy – and profitable – two weeks.


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