38% of pet owners face guilt-ridden holidays

It’s a welcome change. Just a few weeks ago we reported that Battersea Dogs and Cats Home saw an influx of pets during the holiday season. Neglectful owners reportedly abandoned animals after failing to take their pets into account when booking vacations.

Thankfully, new statistics show many owners in the UK take animal-care seriously. Marketing intelligence agency, Mintel, found that 38 percent of owners feel guilty if their pet doesn’t join them on holiday.

27 percent of the UK animal-owners surveyed said they look for pet-friendly hotels. A further 27 percent search for pet-appropriate vehicles, to make long journeys easier when travelling with four legged friends.

We can only hope that the remaining 73 percent ensure their pet’s welfare needs are met when they’re away. 17 percent of Brits admitted to forgoing pet ownership because they don’t know who would look after their animal during holidays.

Ina Mitskavets senior consumer and lifestyles analyst at Mintel, said: “Whilst holidays are an annual highlight for many, they can pose a significant problem for many pet owners. For those not wishing to leave their pets at home, it is clear there is significant interest in pet-friendly hotels, with leisure operators already taking notice of this demand.

“Although the pet hotel industry is certainly expanding and now includes premium pet lodgings, using such services may not be an option for an average British pet owner. There could be more initiatives to make holidaying with pets stress-free for both owners concerned about the wellbeing of their pet and pets themselves. There is also room for more specialised services that cater to pet owners and their animals, similar to companies that cater to holidaying families.”

So are there opportunities in this sector for the UK pet industry? If Mintel is correct, the holiday-related market could soon see rapid growth.


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