ACANA launches new product in the UK

Bern Pet Foods, the exclusive importers and distributors of ACANA dog and cat foods, have introduced a new product to the UK. ACANA Pork & Butternut Squash dog food comes from the kitchens of Champion Petfoods.  

The new product features Alberta pork as a single animal protein, aimed at diet-sensitive dogs of all breeds and life stages.

Loaded with 50 percent pork in whole prey ratios ACANA Pork & Butternut Squash includes nourishing meats, organs and cartilage which provide nutrients naturally.  

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Infusions of freeze-dried pork liver aim to naturally increase palatability, ensuring ACANA Pork & Butternut Squash can be sold to fussy eaters.  All the pork ingredients are sourced from Alberta Farms, local to the kitchens of Champion Petfoods, and are produced exclusively from pork passed fit for human consumption.

50 percent of ACANA Pork & Butternut Squash consists of healthy fruits and vegetables including butternut squash, ‘Bartlett’ pears, spinach greens and ‘Red Delicious’ apples – all delivered fresh, (never frozen, no preservatives) from Canada’s rich prairie soils and the sun-drenched Okanagan valleys. The butternut squash is rich in soluble fibre, which absorbs water from the digestive tract to regulate stool consistency.

ACANA Singles contain no fish ingredients.  Instead Marine Algae is included in the ingredients which provide a natural source of DHA and EPA.

ACANA Pork & Butternut Squash is available in 340g, 2kg, 6kg and 11.4kg bags with SRP £3.79, £14.49, £32.99 and £57.99 respectively.

 For trade enquiries, please telephone 01737 767679 or email


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