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Grazia article sparks criticism from pet lovers

Grazia’s UK magazine has found itself at the centre of controversy after a recent issue discussed breeding pets as a source “extra pocket money”.

The article prompted a flurry of criticism on social media from concerned readers. Cats Protection and the RSPCA were among organisations to express their disappointment.

Although the article supports responsible ideals such as vaccinating, micro-chipping and worming,it also describes breeding puppies and kittens as “a great little side earner”. The money received from breeding is described as “the difference between IKEA furniture and Habitat.”
Hundreds of animal lovers contacted Grazia on social media to express their outrage. The Grazia facebook page ( features dozens of comments from the magazine’s followers.
In a letter sent to Grazia magazine today, Jacqui Cauff, Cats Protection’s advocacy manager said: “Irresponsible breeding contributes to the number of homeless kittens and cats in the UK at a time when many charities – including Cats Protection – are stretched beyond capacity with many thousands of cats in care in desperate need of loving homes.
“While the owner featured may well take a responsible approach to breeding her pets, sadly many breeders do not so there is far more to this issue than the extra cash it can bring in.”
Grazia responded by saying: “In response to some of the comments we have received, we’d also like to make it clear that Grazia in no way promotes or condones irresponsible breeding or unfair treatment to any animal.” (To see the full statement visit

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