Average owners spend a staggering £70,000 on pets

How much do animal lovers spend on their pets? Money-saving website VoucherCodesPro believes it has the answer. In a recent poll, pets were found to cost their owners an average of £69,420. The figures were based on average expenditure on pets throughout an adult’s lifetime.

2,000 respondents were asked how much they invested in their pets per year. Owners were found to be generous, with 42 percent saying they probably bought more for their pets than they did for themselves. 12 percent admitted going into debt to keep a pet.

Participants also described the number and types of pets they expected to own. On average, respondents kept two dogs, one cat, one small mammal and two goldfish during their adult lives.

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Dogs were named as the priciest companions, costing an average of £1,900 per year and an estimated £11,900 throughout the animal’s life.

Small mammals, such as hamsters and gerbils, were the least expensive. They cost respondents just £310 per annum or £620 to keep overall. Rabbits had a category of their own, clocking in at £850 per year or £8,500 in total.

Though exotic pets and birds weren’t included in the survey, goldfish in an aquarium or pond were estimated to reach £5,100 throughout their lives or £510 per year.

The results cover total expenditure. Respondents were asked how much they spent overall, from buying pet food to cages and housing, accessories and grooming, insurance and trips to the vet. For pet professionals it’s heartening to know that pet owners are taking their companions’ welfare seriously.

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