Fire Destroys Pet Shop Stock

As industries go, I’ve always felt the pet trade is made up of happy, hardworking team-players. Andie Freeston, the owner of Hart Pet Supplies in Thundersley, is a case in point.

On January 14th a fire ripped through her business, destroying stock. The Fire Brigade Union had begun its strike earlier that day, which was thought to have led to a slower-than-usual response time.

The products inside the store were ruined by smoke damage but merchandise stored outside in a container was safe. Thankfully, as the store offers pet supplies no animals were hurt.

Though the shops walls are blackened and many products ruined, Andie was still optimistic when talking to Pet Gazette.‘The village has been absolutely fantastic,’ she said. ‘It has done a charity night for us which is going to be on the 3rd February, next Tuesday, in the Tandoori Parlour on Hart Road.

‘So far 100 tickets have been sold which is totally amazing. People have been donating money to the shop, just handing me money so we can start again. It has been absolutely incredible.’

Andie Freeston thanked the local veterinary practice and church for their generous donations and Robert Michael Estate Agents, one of the businesses arranging the charity night. She said ‘This village has really, really taken us to their hearts.’

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