8in1 launches brand new Delights Twist Sticks

8in1 is now introducing a new product, 8in1 Delights Twist Sticks.The patented combination of chicken wrapped in thin rawhide chews encourages the dog to chew through every last piece, meaning less mess as well as maximising the health and dental benefits synonymous with rawhide products.

The increasing premiumisation of the pet industry provides retailers with a key opportunity to increase their sales value of dog snacks and treats, as owners are willing to trade up to more premium and specialist products in order to meet both the health and indulgence needs.

This tasty extension to the 8in1 range subsequently provides a great option for owners who want to treat their dogs while also keeping them fit, happy and healthy.

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The brand new 8in1 Delights Twist Sticks are available in Chicken, Pork and Dental varieties, ensuring every dog is catered for.

Samantha Deacon, Trade Marketing Manager at 8in1 said: ‘With 8in1, we aim to continually invest in the range and regularly update our product line to ensure we are offering treats which are designed with pets and their owners’ distinct needs in mind. With pet owners becoming increasingly concerned about the health of their dogs, it is crucial that we are consistently providing a healthy, yet tasty option to indulge pets and ensure that retailers can effectively capitalise on the growth within the sector’.

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