Pets More Popular Than In-laws

It may be a very merry Christmas. Brits are expected to spend a staggering 47 million on their pets this holiday, says The Express. The total could be up to five times higher if you include festive foodie treats. For the pet sector these figures prove something we’ve known for a long time. In a nation of animal lovers, pets are an integral part of the family.

US-based pet medication company VetIQ discovered that in the USA people go even further. The organisation surveyed more than 750 pet owners. 96 percent would prefer to stay in the house alone with their pet if the alternative was leaving it behind during a holiday trip to the in-laws.

If your customers say their pets love Christmas, they’re not alone. The majority (54 percent) of respondents said pets enjoyed the festive season. But Christmas can be a tricky time of year. 38 percent felt door bells and carolers were their pet’s seasonal nemesis. Cold weather caused difficulties for a similar number and 15 percent said animals were unhappy when out of town family members appeared for the holidays.

Finally, if you’re squeamish look away now! Most of the people surveyed were planning to give their pets a quick Christmas smooch. VetIQ found 85 percent were happy for animals to join them under the mistletoe. But, would Brits go this far? Our 19 million-or-so pet owners certainly love their animals. Last Christmas the RSPCA found a fifth of people spent more on their pets than their mother-in-law. In 2014 the pet sector will offer even more amazing products for a wide range of species. Let’s hope that pets around the country can enjoy a very happy holiday season.


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