National and Independent Pet Stores Trump Online Retailers

Where do pet owners shop? How much do they spend? Global pet product expert PetSafe®  (www.petsafe.net) has released answers to both questions following an independent survey. 1000 cat and dog owners were asked how much money is lavished on their pets. Retailers may want to take notes – especially in the run up to Christmas!

If you’re a national or independent pet retailer PetSafe® has good news. 62 percent of UK consumers prefer to buy pet-related products from your stores. A significant percentage are turning to their computers though, with the remaining 38 percent opting for supermarkets or online shopping. So, if you’re planning some in-store festive bargains, don’t forget to flag them up online.

Are you analysing spending patterns at the till? It might come as no surprise that young people are most likely to splurge. 39 percent of 18-24 year olds admitted to spending over £50 a month on a much-loved pet. You may find that older age groups are less keen to splash out. Only 20 percent of the over 50s say they reached the same levels of expenditure.

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In general spending seems to be staying fairly high. 46 percent of those questioned invest between £20 and £50 a month in their pet. The figure includes major expenditures such as food, pet insurance, vet costs, toys and grooming.

PetSafe International Marketing Director, Angela Critchley said ‘It’s great to see that UK pet product suppliers are holding their own and continue to be a popular retail destination for pet owners. It isn’t surprising when you consider the good levels of customer service and expert advice that is widely available across the UK. The online market is steadily growing too and many retailers are increasingly looking to offer online shopping for their customers – at the end of the day it’s all about choice.’ (PETSAFEPRODUCTGUIDE.COM)

So, whether your business is online or in store, Pet Gazette hopes that the festive season is a success for both yourself and your customers.

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