Truly Eco-aware Wildlife Products Prove Conservation Success


Gloucestershire-based Wildlife World has a holistic approach when it comes to its designs for wildlife habitats and feeders, which the company manufacture with conservation in mind. They have combined practicality with sleek aesthetics to create innovative conservational products for a wide variety of species that are suitable for both small or larger scale conservation projects, from woodlands to back gardens. All materials used in the manufacturing process are ethically sourced with only FSC approved timber used and all paints and stains being water based to ensure the wildlife doesn’t come into contact with potentially dangerous chemicals.

Drawing upon years of experience and in depth knowledge of the different needs and behaviour of animals, Wildlife World has created products that specifically suit the individual species and therefore significantly improve chances of breeding.

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Birds, bats and small mammals are a few of the animals catered for with carefully designed nesting boxes that encourage habitation and breeding of species that are endangered or in decline.

Wildlife World’s conservational work extends further than the products with regular donations to various wildlife and conservation trusts and commitments to educating school children of the importance in protecting species to ensure the continuation of healthy productive ecosystems.

Wildlife World’s Wild Bird Nesting Box is suitable for multiple species and meets all recognised standards for bird care. The access hole is large enough to allow a range of birds to inhabit it while it can also be easily converted into an open-front bird box if preferred.

Wildlife World also works closely with conservation experts to provide habitats for protected and endangered species such as bats and dormice. The multi-species bat box (pictured), approved by the Bat Conservation Trust, provides relevant protection to the bats’ nest while the design imitates the simplicity of the bats’ natural habitat choices.

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And The Mammal House has been specifically designed to offer a safe day refuge and nesting habitat for a variety of small mammals including the rare dormouse. A predominantly nocturnal creature, which can hibernate for up to nine months of the year.

Other products in the conservation range include The Hogilo, a safe and long lasting refuge for hedgehogs, and the Solitary Bee Hotel combining three nesting elements: a locking tray system, drilled timber blocks and professional cardboard tubes.

James Allan of Wildlife World commented on the concepts for the conservation range. “We wanted to create a range of high specification, robust wildlife products that are developed with pro-landscapers and conservation professionals in mind. Consulting with various wildlife experts we have designed a range not only for function, but to present a synthesis of high quality manufacturing, reliability and durability, together with attractive styling. All our products are rigorously tested as prototypes on our Devon farm to ensure the products achieve all its design aims and so we can confidently supply the conservation sector with products they can trust”.

Based in rural Gloucestershire, Wildlife World are one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of wildlife habitats, feeders and other nature products. Further information is available from Wildlife World on 01666 505333, or by emailing, or by visiting the company’s website at


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