Launch of BETA® Breed Specific dog food

BETA® has announced it has become the first Normal Nutrition brand to deliver tailored breed-specific products. Its new range is designed to bring incremental value to the category and trade shoppers up to higher value segments.

BETA® BREED SPECIFIC plans to offer offers high quality and complete Dry Dog nutrition tailored for the four most popular breed families – spaniels, shepherds and setters, terriers and retrievers.

Specially formulated BETA® Spaniels has high levels of protein and fat to help support this breed’s active lifestyle. BETA® Shepherds & Setters is formulated with ingredients that are easy on these dogs’ intestines, and contain all the nutrients needed to help keep their muscles in peak condition.

BETA® Terriers formula contains a balanced mix of nutrients to help replenish energy stores, ideal for this active breed and to help maintain muscle mass to assist in keeping terriers’ bones healthy and strong.


BETA® Retrievers is a specially balanced formula containing all the nutrients the breed needs to help stay healthy and active, with reduced fat levels (compared to BETA® Adult formula) to help tackle weight gain.

The launch of BETA® BREED SPECIFIC has been supported by an integrated marketing campaign, including digital advertising and in-store and online activation. For details visit

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