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Survey reveals owners let pets share their beds

A new survey commissioned by Time4Sleep suggests that 22 per cent of dog owners and 28 per cent of cat owners are happy to let their cats and dogs cuddle up with them every night.

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The survey also revealed of those who said their cat or dog has slept in their bed, 40 per cent said that they like the companionship and 42 per cent said they just can’t say no to their pets.

Overall cats are much more welcome on mattresses than dogs, with the YouGov poll of over 900 cat or dog owners revealed that 28 per cent of cat owners and 22 per cent of dog owners let their pets share their beds every night, while an additional 37 per cent of cat owners and 16 per cent of dog owners said their pets have slept in their beds before.

The poll also revealed some interesting differences between the sexes: women were considerably more likely to allow their pets to share their beds every night than men (31 per cent of female cat owners v. 25 per cent of men and 26 per cent of female dog owners compared to 15 per cent of men).

Jonathan Warren, director at Time4Sleep said: “Pets are often seen as another member of the family, so maybe it’s not surprising that – in spite of the risk of hair and slobber – a large proportion of us let them cuddle up with us at night. Our beds are where we feel safe, warm and comfortable, and it seems many people are only too happy to share that feeling with our four-legged friends.”

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