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OASE E-learning course incentive launches

E-Learning company, OASE is offering companies who sign up to its E-Learning course the opportunity to win an iPad.

Launched last year its E-Learning software was created to replace the seminars which were ordinarily held on a yearly basis, with the aim of E-Learning to reach more people than ever before and to offer training to staff at all levels.

There are 2 courses available within e-learning, basic and advanced. Both offer company history overview, calculation and product training. The basic course is aimed at part time staff, where as the advanced course goes into much more detail and introduces more product ranges, with this is mind it’s recommended the advanced course is taken by full time staff.

Both offer various retail scenarios in multiple choice form to test your knowledge on what’s been detailed within the courses and if a passing mark has been achieved a personalised certificate will be generated.

For 2014 OASE are giving you the chance to win an Apple iPad. Every registered user with a pass mark achieved in either of the courses will be entered into a draw to win the iPad. The winner will be chosen and notified at the end of May. The retailer will also receive £500 worth of working display stock for the store. 

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Image: Jared C Benedict

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