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International Cat Care present new award

Feline charity, International Cat Care, is presenting new awards to recognise individuals’ outstanding contributions to the welfare of cats. 

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One of the recipients of this year’s awards, Melvin Driver, has spent many years contributing hugely to the management of unowned cat populations. His company, MDC exports, develops and manufacturer’s animal handling equipment used by local authorities and welfare organisations worldwide. 


He has been dedicated to providing practical solutions with the welfare of cats in mind, as well as the health of those who work with them and has contributed to making the complex procedure of capture, handling, anaesthetising, housing, recovery, care and husbandry of unowned cats as effective and humane as possible.


The equipment which Melvin designed has revolutionised welfare workers ability to run the ‘neuter and return’ programmes which now run worldwide. He has also provided huge and generous support to many welfare organisations, including International Cat Care.


Written by Alexandra Holt

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