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More people than ever holiday with pets

Holiday cottage letting agency has reported a 15 per cent increase in the number of people taking their dogs on holiday this year within the UK.

It found that one in five customers now take a dog with them and dog-friendly holidays now accounting for 25 per cent of its total bookings. The poll of 1,000 dog owners across the UK also showed that it was up to seven times cheaper to take a dog with you than to put it in kennels and the likelihood of taking a dog on holiday increases with age with 19 to 24 year olds least likely to take a dog away but of those aged 55 plus, 85 per cent they would take their dog with them.

Managing director, James Morris explained this growing trend: “We have always offered dog friendly holidays as we believe dogs are part of the family, but now I believe more and more people are choosing to take their dogs away within the UK as it is a much cheaper and guilt-free alternative to kennels.”


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