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Disciplinary committee strikes off Somerset practicing vet

The Disciplinary Committee of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has directed that the name of a Somerset-based veterinary surgeon be removed from the register, having found him guilty of serious professional misconduct.

During the 11-day hearing, the disciplinary committee heard eight, separate and unrelated complaints against Dr Marcus Hutber, made while he was the owner of the veterinary company Epivet Ltd, in 2009.

The complaints involved a series of allegations including lack of adequate professional care, failure to have regard to animal welfare, failure to make or maintain adequate clinical records and failure to treat clients with courtesy and respect.

The disciplinary committee found Dr Hutber’s conduct in respect of the charges proved in relation to each complaint, standing alone and taken collectively, amounted to serious professional misconduct.

Chairing and speaking on behalf of the committee, professor Peter Lees said: “The committee is fully conscious that the purpose of sanction is not to punish, but to protect animals and the wider public interest and to uphold the reputation of the veterinary profession. Having regard to the serious aggravating factors [in this case], the committee considers that the respondent’s conduct, taken as a whole, is so serious that removal of his professional status is the only appropriate sanction.”

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