Owner of animal DNA testing labs to appear at Crufts

Experienced genetricist and owner of Animal DNA Diagnostics June Swinburne will attend this year’s Crufts to help owners, breeders and enthusiasts learn about how DNA testing can make an impact on the future health of some dog breeds.

Crufts sees the world’s largest collection of pedigree dogs assemble once a year and, somewhat inevitably, leads to discussions about disease and health condition predispositions and the ethics of some breed standards. However, with constant advances in the number of genetic tests available for dogs, more and more carrier animals can be identified and allow responsible breeding choices to be made.

DNA testing allows certain genetic diseases to be picked up before breeding by identifying faulty genes. It can also be used to confirm a dog’s parentage, which can make all the difference at shows such as Crufts.

June will be on hand at Crufts to discuss the tests that Animal DNA Diagnostics offers, hand out home sample kits or receive samples that have been taken.

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