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Woof TV? First dog-dedicated web TV channel launched

Mandrill Television has launched the first online TV channel solely aimed at dog lovers and professionals in a channel dubbed “everything canine online”. is now on-air with over six hours of programming made exclusively for the service. Viewers can expect to see:

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Free advice on basic training, grooming and behaviour problems in video demonstrations from’s top team of on-screen specialists.

A “Dogumentary” series filmed behind-the-scenes at a Dogs Trust re-homing centre.

Invaluable health advice from canine consultations filmed at a busy veterinary clinic.

Advice on Britain’s top 10 most popular breeds from owners who’ve lived with them for at least 15 years.

And for pure enjoyment – Puppycam LIVE! – live pictures streamed from a litter of adorable puppies with frequent updates on their growth and development.

Mandrill has a 17-year track record in making factual and lifestyle programmes for UK broadcasters including Sky ITV and The Discovery networks, and is getting back to basics with this offering.

The company added: “We wanted to make television for dog lovers who don’t need gimmicks and really care about doing the best for their pets. We hope they’ll find our programming responsible and informative – as well as being a really good watch.”

The launch programme includes video demonstrations from an on-screen team of top canine experts, covering: basic training techniques from world class agility trainer Anthony Clarke; expert grooming advice for all coat-types from European Grooming Champion Jitka Krizova and guidance on tackling behaviour problems from Kennel Club approved instructor Jane Henshaw.

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