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Ashleigh and Pudsey back Christmas pet care campaign

Britain’s Got Talent winners Ashleigh and Pudsey have put their backing to a new Christmas campaign designed to keep pets out of the vets over this festive season.

Vets4Pets has initiated the Christmas appeal because each year its practices are inundated with animals suffering sometimes life-threatening injuries from festive faux pas.

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Some of the pitfalls include: vine fruits (raisins, sultanas and currants), which are present in many seasonal foods such as Christmas cake, but are all toxic to many animals, as are chocolate and macadamia nuts; turkey and chicken bones can splinter easily causing internal damage which often requires surgery; over-indulgence in unfamiliar treats can cause gastro-enteritis and associated dehydration; dogs and cats can get severely stressed if they can’t escape crowds of visitors or are over-petted; and cats have a taste for antifreeze which can prove lethal.

Ashleigh Butler said it was a “shame” that so many animals end up at the vets for avoidable reasons. “We’d just like to remind everyone, while they’re having a good time during the Christmas period, to make sure their pets aren’t coming to harm, like eating sharp tinsel or lapping up beer.”

The Britain’s Got Talent pair is urging pet owners to visit the Vets4Pets website for the full and important information about Christmas hazards and the pet care precautions they should be taking.

For every visit to the information pages, Vets4Pets has pledged to make a donation to the national charity Dogs Trust, which has reminded us for more than 30 years that “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas”.

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