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Petlog encourage microchipping

This month is National Microchipping Month, an annual campaign which encourages responsible pet ownership, and Petlog has taken the opportunity to explain why it is so essential.

Petlog, a lost and found database, has revealed that pets are nearly 25 per cent more likely to go missing in summer than winter and in 2011 over 3,000 (29 per cent) more pets went missing in June, July and August compared with December, January and February.

Petlog has more than 6.2 million pets registered on its database but it is estimated that only 58 per cent of dogs are microchipped and the number is thought to be less for other pets.

Petlog will be joined by other animal welfare groups, veterinary practices and local authorities across the UK to promote the benefits of microchipping and how it can make the difference between being reunited with your pet and never seeing them again.

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