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Call to ban certain types of flea collars

Following the ban of flea collars containing dimpylate in France, there have been calls to take similar action in the UK.

The flea collars containing dimpylate, also known as diazinon, were recently removed from many French shops, as they were believed to pose a risk to the health of owners and their pets. Diazinon is an organophosphate which was originally developed for use as a nerve gas during World War II.

Symptoms of diazinon poisoning can include nausea, blurred vision, muscle-twitching and vomiting. Concerns have arisen in France about people absorbing the toxic chemical by cuddling their pets or allowing them to sleep on their beds.

Veterinary director of Dogs Trust, Paula Boyden, believes that we should follow the French lead. She said: “Dog owners won’t be aware of this ban. We suggest they contact their vet if they have concerns. There are equally effective but safer products on the market. We don’t need to have these collars available.”

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