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VetIT launches new app

VetIT is due to launch a new app at this year’s BEVA Congress and The London Vet Show.

Exhibiting at BEVA Congress on the 7-10  September and The London Vet Show on the 17-18 November 2016, practices will be able to road test the new app as well as meet its team of developers.

Set to revolutionise the way veterinary practices work, VetIT ‘On The Road’ app is available on mobile and tablet for both iOS and Android devices.

It gives vets instant access whilst out and about to the important stuff that they need on a daily basis.

Download appointments for the day including patient details with their location and clinical history, get directions en-route, write and upload clinical notes and photos, make new appointments and automatically upload your current appointment status.

The app can be used in any location, anytime, with or without connectivity. The smart technology allows you to work offline and then simply update once connectivity has been restored; it’s the most efficient, seamless way of working yet.

Tony Houghton, managing director at VetIT comments, “We’re looking forward to exhibiting at the two major events in the veterinary industry – BEVA and The London Vet Show. The events run quite close together so it’s the perfect time to launch the new app and get people using it.”

Houghton continues, “We’ve developed On the Road to ensure it meets all the demands of a busy veterinary practice.

“In our experience – nine years designing practice management systems especially for vets – vets are increasingly busy and they’re on the road more than ever which is where our app comes into play… The app caters for those who are at a location with no 3G or 4G connectivity or perhaps stopped at a service station with no Wi-Fi.

“You can work remotely without connectivity, but have peace of mind that your activity has been logged and it doesn’t require a paper chitty, saving a journey back into the office at the end of the day. It’s going to revolutionise the way practices work and really save time and resources.”

For more information on VetIT ‘On The Road’ contact Tony Houghton, managing director on: 07967 169 143.

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