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Pet food in ‘good supply’, assures PFMA

The PFMA has assured the public that there is a ‘good supply” of food available for pets across the UK. 

The association urged pet owners to “shop sensibly”, amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, advising that there is enough pet food for all.  

It said that the government recognises that pet food is “essential”, and that those who work in pet food production and supply chains are classified as ‘key workers’, while pet shops can remain open during the nationwide lockdown.

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Michael Bellingham, chief executive of the PFMA, said: “Thanks to the work of our PFMA members and recognition by the government, there is a good supply of pet food and we encourage pet owners to shop sensibly.     

“The PFMA represents over 90% of pet food manufacturers in the UK and we are responsible for feeding a nation of around 50 million pets.”

He added: “Our members are working tirelessly across the pet food supply chain to ensure everybody continues to have access to nutritious, safe, and affordable pet foods during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our members have instructed their workforces to follow appropriate measures by adhering to the official Government advice to protect themselves and others from coronavirus.” 

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