Poppy’s Picnic brings out new pheasant bites

Wiltshire-based raw dog food manufacturer Poppy’s Picnic has launched its new TASTY Pheasant Bites, the latest addition to its air-dried TASTY Treats range.

The 100% pure protein bites are suitable for all dogs, including those with grain intolerances and sensitive stomachs, and are a good source of B vitamins, iron and other essential minerals and amino acids.

Poppy’s Picnic Pheasant Bites are naturally low in fat and made in the UK. The new dog treats are morsels of air-dried pheasant breast fillet, and weigh in at 60g per pack. They are gluten free and hypoallergenic, making them suitable for dogs with food intolerances.

Dylan Watkins, founder of Poppy’s Picnic, said: “Many dog owners face the issue of feeding their dog a selective diet due to food intolerances. These can often be triggered by the fillers and grains that are unnecessarily added to many processed pet foods and treats. Our new bites are 100% pure air-dried pheasant breast with no hidden nasties. They provide a high protein treat and a natural source of collagen, whilst being low in calories.”

The size of the bites can be adjusted based on the size of the dog. If the dog is smaller in size, the treats can be modified by being cut into smaller pieces so they are easier to consume.

The TASTY Pheasant Bites join the wider TASTY range of air-dried treats which also includes: Dried Ox Heart Bites, Dried Venison Bites, Dried Liver Bites, Dragon Skin Bites and more. Each is made from 100% dried meat, and contain no added preservatives or fillers of any kind.

The Poppy’s Picnic TASTY Pheasant Bites are available online and via independent pet shops nationwide.

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