PetLove launches new catnip range

Pet accessory company PetLove has released a new catnip range to its portfolio of accessories.

The range includes three new lines, the Mouse Toy Tikkler, Catnip Mouse and Ball Toys and the Crinkle Catnip.

The Crinkle Catnip toy collection comprises of four characters, badger, squirrel, duck and mouse that each contain a refillable catnip pouch, with the company “guaranteeing longevity”.

The plush toys come in fish designs, stuffed with catnip and made from a durable fabric that is designed to withstand scratching and biting.

The Catnip Mouse Toy Tikkler and Catnip Mouse and Ball Toys have been created for larger cats and those with an “abundant energy”. They are made for playing chase and other interactive games.

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