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Eukanuba releases children’s book celebrating canine companionship

Pet food brand Eukanuba has released A Pawfect Pair, a children’s story book that celebrates the benefits of people living life together with their dogs.

The story follows the adventures of the brand’s Live Life Well Together ambassadors, 17 year old Roxy Carr and her Cockapoo, Poppy, as they search for companionship and connection.

By sharing their tale of dog ownership and the friendships they’ve encountered along the way, Eukanuba hopes to inspire the next generation about the benefits of dog ownership.

The story supports findings that dog ownership in Britain is trending younger than ever. According to a survey of 2,000 UK dog owners, 90 percent of Generation Z (people born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s) already own and are wholly responsible for their own pet dog by the age of 16, unlike their parents’ generation, where for over half, the dog was the family pet and responsibility of their parents.

This survey also highlighted that the “always on” smartphone generation (born between 1996-2016) are suffering from of stress and social isolation, with depression, anxiety and loneliness.

A desire for companionship influences pet ownership for 46 percent of dog owners between the ages of 16-19, while 84 percent claim their dog provides vital emotional support to help them face every day stress and pressures.

Kellie Ceccarelli, Eukanuba’s veterinary expert, said: “The survey results not only show that dog ownership is important to Britain’s youth, but also just how disconnected many young adults feel. At Eukanuba we’re passionate about helping owners of every age to live life well together with their dogs.

“While caring for a dog is a responsibility that should only be taken on by those who have the time and patience, the results highlight how powerful the connection between humans and dogs truly is, and how beneficial this relationship can be for positive mental health.”

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