Butternut Box expand team and site following £5m investment

Pet food subscription company Butternut Box has expanded its team and moved to new offices following a recent £5m investment fund.

The company which launched less than two years ago has moved from the founders’ kitchens to its headquarters at Huckletree West in London in April.

L-R: Kevin Glynn and David Nolan

Founders David Nolan and Kevin Glynn handcooked the first half a million specialised dog subscription box recipes before expanding the team 10 months ago.

Glynn said: “We started with three people nine or 10 months ago, the team has grown to 44. We have 14 people in production 15 minutes away and we have 30 people in the offices.”

Nolan and Glynn set up the company which personalises meals for dogs according to their needs and health issues with the help of a consultation questionnaire from clients.

They then work with a nutritionist to put together meals which are portioned and sent to customers on a subscription basis which they can cancel at any time.

The company hopes that next, it will be able to expand its offering to cats and introduce snacks to its range.

Glynn said: “Word of mouth has been a huge avenue for us. Our growth from the last six to nine months has been great.

“We want to come out with new recipes, we get asked for snacks everyday so that’s something we’ll look to in Q4 this year. Next year we’ll be looking into cats and we have European ambitions. as and when that comes, that’s definitely something on the horizon.”

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