Company of Animals launches new ‘no-bark’ collar

The latest innovation by Dr. Roger Mugford’s team at Company of Animals has been designed to dog owners deal with late night barking during lockdown

Company of Animals has launched the Pavlov No Bark Collar to help the estimated third of dog owners who deal with complaints about late night barking during lockdown.

The latest innovation by Dr. Roger Mugford’s team employs optional sound or vibration to deter dogs from making unnecessary noise.

Mugford said: “The Pavlov programme is named after the famous 20thcCentury Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov and his progressive ideas on animal learning.

“By using the Pavlov device owners retain the important responsibility to reward silence, using appropriate and well-timed payoffs such as titbits or increased attention.”

He added: “Unlike so many other anti-bark collars on the market, Pavlov does not deliver painful shock, and can be used as a simple sound and/or vibration dog collar.

“By following my advice, owners can retrain their pet to achieve a quieter world and happier, more contented relationships.”


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