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Breeder made £50,000 from puppies obtained through puppy farms

A Welsh dog breeder made £50,000 from selling false designer and pedigree dogs that were bred in puppy farms, has been sentenced to a 30-week jail term, suspended for two years.

Cardiff Crown Court heard Lisa Canning, 50, who ran Barry 4 Small Paws, “tampered” with vaccination cards including changing their wording. Furthermore in the absence of appropriate paperwork she simply failed to supply it to her customers.

Many of the animals supplied by Canning were much younger than she had advertised them, breeding them too frequently and when they were too young.

The business was originally based in the Railway Cottages in Barry however Canning moved it to Mount Pleasant Farm, an unlicensed address, and used “bait-advertising” for dogs she did not have, in the hope that people interested would buy a different one she did have.

The court heard she “ran that business in a way that was calculated to defraud the public”. It was claimed that Canning “played on the emotions” of customers, particularly young children with the court adding: “Almost everyone is vulnerable to the charms of a puppy.”

A suspended sentence was given to Canning, after she admitted four charges of fraud and of one unfair commercial practice.

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