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Company Profile: Dorwest Herbs

Founded in 1948, family-run company Dorwest Herbs produces the only herbal medicines authorised by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate. With a passion for keeping pets in tip-top health, the manufacturer supplies the pet sector with dietary supplements and homeopathic products.

This year, Dorwest is celebrating 70 years in business, with brand new products to keep up-to-date with the ever expanding sector. Managing director, Jo Boughton-White, the third generation of her family to lead Dorwest, explains “It is incredible to think that seven decades and three generations ago my grandparents Murray and Dorothy Ellis were pulling together their initial ideas for a business. Their passion  for both herbs and health planted the seeds to create Dorwest and the development of those unique herbal formulations. It wasn’t until the 1960s and 70s that Dorwest really came into its own and started specialising in the veterinary market. This injection of energy, knowledge and passion came from my parents Mary and Tony Boughton who transformed Dorwest Herbs and grew it to the company it is today. We are now in more than 20 countries around the world.”

Providing Alternatives

The company prides itself on giving the best treatment to pets possible, with a herbal twist. It provides a natural alternative for owners who don’t want to give their pet medicated supplements. “Nothing beats having healthy and happy pets, we aim to provide products which work in harmony with dog’s and cat’s natural processes,” Jo explains. “A commitment to medicinal rigours underpins everything we do, and we prepare our treatments to pharmaceutical standards using active ingredients taken from the ‘whole plant’. Using the leaves, stems, roots and first pressings of oil, this means that there are no second-stage extracts, and all our herbs meet the utmost in quality standards.

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“We are also the only company in the UK to hold herbal medicine licences authorised by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, and we are the UK’s leading provider of canine and feline herbal treatments. With a growing demand for natural alternatives in our human lifestyles, this demand is equally as important in pet care, and at Dorwest we understand this. That’s why we strive to produce the best possible medicines and supplements for their health and nutritional needs, that keep their life in balance. We also have UK based advisors on hand for support, and a free correspondence training scheme designed for stockists. This helps anyone stocking Dorwest products gain essential product knowledge, enabling them to promote the range with confidence.”


Celebrating its 70th birthday with a bang, Dorwest is kicked off its celebrations at world-famous dog show Crufts. As well as their 70th birthday, this year also marks the business’ 45th year at the largest dog event. Launching new products isn’t all the company is focused on. “As part of our 70th birthday and to show our commitment to ongoing charitable giving, we are extremely proud to announce the launch of the Dorwest Foundation. We wanted to ensure that our 70th year was not only a time to reflect on our heritage, but also to look to the future and give something back to the dog and cat world,” Jo says. “The aim of the Foundation is to help dogs and cats that are in need of care, health and quality of life improvements. The Dorwest Foundation will donate to established animal welfare charities on an annual basis through the sale of our special foundation products.

“One of these products is a limited edition 70th birthday dog biscuit tin which include handmade ‘Keeper’s Bix’ cheesy biscuits, all profits from this item will go to the Foundation. Our brilliant supplement Keeper’s Mix is now our official Foundation Product, and ten percent of profit from every sale will be donated from now onwards. The celebrations will continue at PATS Sandown with a free celebratory tin with every order.”

The Product Launch

Marking such a milestone wouldn’t be the same without brand new exciting products hitting the shelves. In January Dorwest Herbs launched Neutradog, a unique blend of natural ingredients perfect for a whole host of ‘smelly issues’. The powerful combination of Chorophyllin, parsley, seaweed and mint aims to help neutralise smells by absorbing odour causing compounds and naturally removing them through the body. “This product is perfect for any dogs with bad breath or yeasty smelly skin and will even help bitches in season and smelly older dogs. Already we have had some great feedback and customer stories,” says Jo.

The next product launched for 2018 is Turmeric Tablets. Turmeric has attracted lots of attention recently and owners are keen to supplement their dogs diet, but sometimes find it hard to know which is best. Jo explains, “We have therefore searched high and low with the emphasis on quality to find the perfect source. Our Turmeric Tablets contain an incredibly pure and high potency extract of Turmeric, consisting of 95 percent curcuminoids which are known as the active part of this well documented herb.

“The turmeric that we source is traditionally grown in its native region of Southern India using sustainable farming methods, and this source of turmeric is renowned for its purity and traceability. Bioperine is included in our Turmeric Tablets for its ability to increase the bioavailability of nutritional compounds. Turmeric is well documented for its ability to support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory processes, and we are expecting this product to be extremely popular.”

The Future

Being a innovative brand the company is always looking for new ways to reach out to customers and pet owners. This year, the Dorwest Herbs show team is set to have a busy year. “As well as our normal circuit of UK Champion Dog Shows, PATS Sandown and Telford and veterinary exhibitions, we will also be attending Dog Fest South West, the National Pet Show, as well as the International Agility Festival.”

Dorwest Herbs may look a little different than it did 20 years ago, and a lot different to 70 years ago! However, the company is proud to say that its values have remained the same, Jo says “we are family owned and managed, every single one of our team love what we do. We will continue to be a company you can depend upon to produce herbal products that keeps dogs and cats lives in balance.”

To become a stockist or for more information on Dorwest’s new products call 01308 897272, email or visit

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