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Salon-standard grooming products from a family firm

For more than two decades, Mutneys has been manufacturing bio-degradable, eco-friendly pet shampoos and conditioners. Its products are developed in working grooming salons and manufactured and bottled in the UK.

Family Business

Jamie and Stephanie Roberts founded their business in 1995. Originally called ‘Groomers Supplies’, it was rebranded as Mutneys Professional Pet Care Range Ltd. in 2008.

“Jamie and Stephanie were brought up with dog grooming,” explained Holly Jones, marketing and advertising manager.

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“Jamie’s mother in particular has over 50 years’ experience within the industry. They wanted to start a company that could supply their local grooming community and truly believed in offering great customer service and products, all home-grown here in the UK.”

Over the last two decades, the family-run team has grown to include ten people. Holly said: “Mutneys started off with just the show van and mail order service. This has now evolved into everything we offer today; including a walk in showroom and website available 24/7.

Most products are made at the company’s premises in Prees, Shropshire. “At the primary location we have our main office and show area, our store room where all orders are packed and distributed, then at the rear we have our sharpening, servicing and equipment manufacturing department.”

‘P’ Free!

Mutneys has spent years developing formulas that won’t harm pets, people or the planet.

“Mutneys uses bottles that are made from recyclable materials.”

The company offers products to suit all types of breeds. The shampoos or conditioners are pH balanced, to suit a dog’s coat, so they won’t strip away the natural oils. Many of the shampoos also contain essential oils, such as natural antiseptics, tea tree and lavender oil.

All of the shampoos have a dilution rate of up to 10:1 (unless stated otherwise). The concentrated formulas mean a little goes a long way. Mutneys feels that, in combination with bulk rate discounts, they offer great value for money.

Holly added: “The shampoos and conditioners contain no harmful ‘P’ chemicals (parabens, PEGs, phosphates, phthalates, petrochemicals or polysorbates) and have been specially developed so that they are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and can safely be used with all regulated water courses.”

“The range started with our Dewberry Shampoo, for harsh coats.” she continued. “It was designed to be a good cleaner that could also offer beneficial properties to be used on the MD’s own wire-haired dachshunds. Since then our range has expanded to over 22 varieties, which offers something for every breed and coat.”

Pet Accessories

Over the years, Mutneys expanded from shampoos and conditioners to include multiple accessories. It has now been producing made-to-order equipment, such as drying cabinets and control posts, for more than 15 years. It introduced various ranges of products including fragrances, coat care sprays, scissors, grooming tools, dryers, tables, trolleys and baths.

Clients can also choose from salon-quality fragrances. These have been developed over the last 20 years within working grooming salons.

The Mutneys’ perfumed fragrance sprays are alcohol-based. This means that they are quick drying and don’t leave a wet or sticky residue on the coat. The scent is strong, long lasting and only needs only a couple of squirts. It’s rejuvenated when the coat gets wet and has been known to last as long as two weeks.

Share Your Ideas

Pet professionals struggling to find the perfect product for their customer base can give Mutneys a ring. The company’s range is inspired by the pet sector and the team is always interested in helping to fulfil requests.

Holly said: “We do our best to meet all the needs of a professional groomer by listening to what our customers want. If a customer asks for something we don’t sell, then we set to work on how we can sell it. Is it something we could make ourselves? If not, can we source it in the UK and what will it cost?

“Alternatively, if we’re coming up with something completely new, then we will often conduct a customer survey and speak with our grooming industry friends to ask them their opinions. We will also look at what other similar products are on the market, if any, and how we can do it differently.

“We are constantly growing and in 2017 we are hoping to expand both our range and our premises to accommodate these changes. Watch this space!”

Stock For Your Store

Mutneys products can be used by pet owners who are looking for a professional product as well as grooming pros.

Holly said: “We offer a range of great options for retailers wanting to stock Mutneys products, including retail packs and attractive point of sale units, which are fully stocked and can be adapted to the customers’ needs.

“If a customer wants larger quantities for wholesale, we can quote them accordingly. Call us on 08454 68 64 67 or email us on”

Celebrate Success

Mutneys has enjoyed a success-packed couple of years. After celebrating 20 years of business, the company won an award for ‘best grooming product’ within the New Product Showcase at PATS Telford 2015. The team received a ‘highly commended’ recognition at the 2015 PetQuip Awards for Supplier of the Year and was also a finalist at the PIF Awards 2015 for Wholesaler of the Year.

Blunt Clippers? Mutneys Can Help

Mutneys offers a Sharpening and Servicing Department, in house. Groomers can send in blunt clipper blades and scissors for sharpening, or you can send clippers for a service or repair. The company’s experienced engineers will do their utmost to get equipment back into its best possible condition.

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