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ICAN partners with Breakthrough dog food to discover ‘power of diet’

The newly-formed International Companion Animal Network (ICAN) has announced that it will be working with Breakthrough dog food in order to help their members discover the power of diet when working in canine behaviour modification.

ICAN is an umbrella group of modern force-free professionals working in the world of companion animals. The organisation’s goal is to work together in a field to give support, share resources and educational opportunities, and work together to positively support both professionals and companion animal guardians.

Through this new partnership, the organisation also aims to help members share this knowledge to the benefits of dogs and their owners.

Breakthrough dog food is a UK-based company founded by Val Strong MSc. Strong trained originally as a medical scientist studying human health – including the effects of nutrition on behaviour.

As part of the new collaboration, Breakthrough will be sponsoring a serious of Diet and Behaviour CPD opportunities for ICAN members, will be welcoming trained individuals as part of its Referrer Scheme so its clients can discover the behaviour-changing benefits of feeding Breakthrough as part of a behaviour modification programme, and providing speakers for ICAN’s first conference in 2019.

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