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Arcadia launches brand new website

Arcadia Reptile has launched a brand new educational and product information website,

In ‘part one’ of its new website ‘roll out’ the company covers in detail its ‘All-Natural’ nutrition brand ‘Arcadia Reptile-EarthPro’ with ‘part two’, covering the core UVB lighting and heating products being released soon.

Within the site you will find imagery, lots of videos, product reviews, detailed nutritional information and the ‘Worlds first’ interactive ‘Feeding Programme’.

For the first time in the ‘Reptile Nutrition’ sector the company not only shows product images but it also clearly lays out the importance of using each part of the range within a formal ‘Feeding Programme’.

This facility is informative and interactive allowing self-selection per ‘feeding group’ or even, ‘species’.

John Courteney-Smith MRSB. Arcadia Reptile; head of science and innovation said: “For the whole Arcadia Reptile team ‘ever increasing’ animal welfare is paramount. The release of this new website not only provides an interesting place for reptile keepers to learn but it also provides them with formal guidance of how to feed and supplement their animals correctly per ‘feeding group’, whilst also taking into considerations the latest technological advances and scientific thinking.

“We are passionate about Reptiles and we are passionate about seeing large increases in animal welfare via the theory of Wild Re-Creation™.

“This brand new website is the ‘tool’ that we have all been waiting for, a key that will unlock the next generation of welfare increases. The website has been created in-house by our team and will change, adapt and grow, remaining fresh and relevant at all times.

“I am convinced that we have created something very special here, a real ‘benchmark’ for the whole pet trade’.”

For more information visit and find a ‘whole new world’ of science focused reptile care.

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