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Greg Van Praagh joins PFMA’s executive committee

Greg Van Praagh, director of Benyfit Natural, is the latest representative to join the Executive Committee of the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA).

Greg has been an active member of PFMA for a number of years participating in the dedicated Working Group for Commercial Raw Producers and the Communications Committee. His involvement in these groups will bring additional insight to the Executive Committee.

Michael Bellingham, PFMA chief executive, commented: “The Executive Committee is a team of business leaders who shape the work of PFMA, driving the organisation forward. The group is representative of the different pet foods produced for the different pets. We are pleased to welcome on board a member of the Commercial Raw Producers Group as this is a dynamic and growing segment of the market.”

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Greg adds: “I am delighted to join the Executive Committee and look forward to working with the other members to continue shaping the ever-developing PFMA.

“Raw feeding is growing amongst pet owners, I am able to make sure that raw manufacturers are represented at PFMA – working together with all manufacturers – to drive the industry forward. Through the Commercial Raw Producers Group, manufacturers have worked with PFMA to develop best practice guidelines for responsible raw pet food manufacturing.”

To find out more about PFMA and its members, visit The PFMA guidelines for the manufacture of raw pet food in the UK are available at  

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