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Supreme Products invests in audio branding

Supreme Products has made a strategic investment in audio branding to strengthen its marketing presence.

The company, which supplies equine preparation products and garments, turned to audio branding specialist PHMG to create a polished sound to match the its professional brand image.

A tailored production has been developed using bespoke voice and music messages, drawing upon the psychological power of sound to reinforce Supreme Products’ values and boost the caller experience. These messages will be played over the telephone whenever customers are put on hold, transferred or call outside of office hours.

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Both male and female voices have been used as part of Supreme Products’ bespoke track, each with relaxed yet professional delivery styles. They are accompanied by laidback, uplifting music which uses a string section to build on the professionalism of the voice and further promote the company as a goods manufacturer.

“The quality of the production has really surpassed our expectations,” said Sarah Turnbull, managing director of Supreme Products.

“We’re looking forward to bringing in more seasonal changes to our production to keep our callers informed which I’m sure will deliver the results we are looking for.”

From grooming shampoos to horse care accessories, Supreme Products prides itself on offering long-lasting, British-made products for to help prepare horses for show and arena.

“Its reputation of offering high-quality items means it is important for Supreme Products to ensure a professional image is maintained at all customer touchpoints,” said Mark Williamson, Sales and Marketing Director at PHMG.

“Audio branding reinforces the existing company values to create a unified brand image, something which Supreme Products has used to attract new customers and keep loyal clients returning time and time again.”

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