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43% of those with outdoor space feed wild birds

Bird food will be an important category for pet stores this winter. Research released by the PFMA this year highlighted key feed trends and found that 43 percent of people with outdoor space provide food for wild birds.

Now that the first frosts have arrived, The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) is reminding families of the importance of feeding wild birds, particularly during the colder months when natural food supplies are scarce.

Research conducted by TNS in 2017 with a sample of 2,000 and shone a light on existing demographics:

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  • 64 percent of early retirees (65-74) feed the birds
  • Households with children are less likely – only 34 percent
  • 51 percent advise they feed the birds over the winter season, rising to 57 percent percent in rural areas
  • The overwhelming majority (73 percent) feed birds because they enjoy seeing the birds in their garden

Michael Bellingham, PFMA Chief Executive, advises: “It is great that for many, feeding the birds during winter is a natural thought. It comes as no surprise that older people are keen bird feeders but we encourage younger families to follow this lead as bird feeding provides the perfect opportunity for children to connect with nature.

“Don’t forget to put out fresh water regularly, as birds find it hard to access drinking water when temperatures drop below freezing.”

For advice on how to feed and what to feed wild birds, including a downloadable seasonality poster, visit The PFMA also has fun educational activities for children whether at school or at home.

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