Lily’s kitchen launch new treats

Lily’s Kitchen has launched three new 100 percent natural and grain free functional treats for dogs, as part of its Truly Naturals range.

The new additions are designed to complement Lily’s Kitchen’s meals.

Chewy Beef Gnaws – the boredom buster for four-legged family members, these hand cut meaty strips made from 100 percent natural, air-dried beef offer a longer lasting chew. (100g, £5.95).

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Crunchy Fish Rolls – a  recipe of sustainably sourced whitefish skins, caught from the waters around the east coast of Britain. 100 percent natural and air-dried to keep all the goodness inside, including omega 3 and 6 to help keep dogs’ coats shiny. (2 rolls, £4.49)

Chewy Capelin Bites –  these omega 3 and 6 packed fishy treats are great for those rewarding. Made from 100 percent natural, air-dried, sustainably caught whole capelin, the natural omega oils help to keep dogs’ coats and skin in tip top condition (80g, £5.49).

Henrietta Morrison, founder and CEO of Lily’s Kitchen comments: “We believe in providing the right nutrition at every stage and for every occasion in a pet’s life. Proper food and naturally nutritious recipes shouldn’t stop at meals, but should extend to treats too.

“Our new Truly Natural treats will appeal to all pet parents who are looking for 100% natural, grain free treats to help their four legged family members feel happy, for training and to reward good behaviour, as well as keeping them entertained.”

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