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Cotswold RAW celebrates winning award

Producer of raw food for dogs, Cotswold RAW, has scooped up an award. The company, which topped the Grocer’s New Product (Petcare) category, welcomed the food and drink trade magazine’s support for BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) pet feeding. 

Co-founder, Mark Lewis, says: “Don’t get us wrong, raw feeding has been a bright shining star within premium pet food for some while now, because tasty, nutritionally-dense meal times makes perfect sense.  

“And yet, for many pet owners the thought of adopting a healthier ‘raw’ lifestyle for their four-legged friend has always been tempered by the less appetising notion of scooping whiffy raw food from an ice cream tub.

“The joy of our portion-controlled, scent-free and convenient sausage formats is that they provides a convenient, ‘stress-free,’ introduction into raw, that later provides a seamless move into more mainstream mince formats.”

The Grocer’s award panel describes Cotswold RAW’s entry as, “An innovative product packed with inspired branding made this dog food an easy winner.”

Mark adds that the company is proud: “to fly the flag for rural business and countryside common sense and truly appreciate the support we’ve had from our hard-working team and kindred spirit agencies, Hurricane & Purple Pilchard.”

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