Town & Country Petfoods unveils natural HiLife range

Town & Country Petfoods has released its HiLife ‘It’s only natural’ range.

The family-run company’s selection of all-natural cat food and treats drew inspiration from the town’s heritage as a ‘rural food capital’. The new dishes are now available from wholesalers.

Comprising three product types, the range includes Nutritionally Complete Wet Recipes, suitable for everyday feeding, and Luxury Wet Recipes, for cats to eat occasionally through the week as part of a complementary diet.

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Also available are natural treats made from 100 percent chicken or duck breast, freeze-dried for flavor and packaged in re-sealable bags.

The Nutritionally Complete pouch recipes come in a variety of sizes including 70g singles and 8 and 32 pouch multipacks. Recipes include chicken dinner, tuna flakes and oceanfish, all enriched with vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy diet.

From the Luxury Recipes, owners can choose dishes such as tuna loin with shrimp, chicken breast with duck and oceanfish with salmon, which are available in either multipacks of three 70g cans or five 50g pouches. These dishes complement a cat’s everyday diet, offering a more luxurious treat.

Each recipe contains all-natural ingredients and are free of artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The entire ‘It’s only natural’ range is 100 percent grain free.

Peter Parkinson, marketing director at Town & Country Petfoods, said: “Following extensive research into the market, we have developed products that appeal to owners who want to ensure their cat has a healthy diet. More than ever, they are looking for good quality, natural ingredients for their pets and want to steer clear of nasty additives and fillers, much like in their own diet.”

He added: “The packaging is designed for maximum shelf impact, while the smaller portion sizes are just the right amount for a healthy, happy cat.”

“The distinctive, warm designs appeal as much to consumers as they do to shop managers, who can easily brand block an area of the store,” he said.

“All products are available as singles or multipacks, making it easier for time-pressed owners to measure out the right amount of food and avoid waste and over-feeding.”

The new range has a clear pricing structure, starting at 65p for a single complete 70g pouch, with the 8  and 32 packs retailing at £4.50 and £16 respectively. Pricing for the Luxury 3x70g cans is £2.75, and the 5 x 50g pouch £3.50, with a 10g treat pack retailing at £1.59.

For more information on Town & Country Petfoods and its HiLife products visit or LinkedIn.


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