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Cotswold RAW may request protected status for dog-centric sausages

Cotswold RAW the producer of Biological Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) for dogs, may be about to register its ‘dog sausage’ with the protected food name scheme.

If successful, it would gain the protection afforded to other culinary luminaries, such as the iconic Yorkshire Pud.

The sausages are sold in a selection of flavours from Beef, Turkey & Chicken to Venison & Rabbit. The Grocer award-nominated products can be eaten straight from the pack.

Co-founder Mark Lewis says: “We’re currently discussing whether to register the trusty Cotswold as a standalone sausage, because in a country that is rightly proud of the hefty Cumberland and the spicy Yorkshire (nutmeg and cayenne), the coarse meat Suffolk and the herby Lincolnshire (sage and thyme), why not champion the world’s first dog centric sausage – the MIGHTY Cotswold?”

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