New small animal bedding now available in the UK

Kaytee has introduced the new Clean & Cozy small animal bedding to the UK.

Clean & Cozy is made from excess materials generated by the food and hygiene industries. The proprietary manufacturing process uses real paper rather than the pulp.

It is the cellulose fibre in this process that ensures that Clean & Cozy absorbs more liquid than wood shavings, is 99.9 percent dust free, and softer than other paper options.

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Sold and compact with easy to stack packaging, Clean & Cozy expands to three times its volume, going from 8.2 litres (500cu) to 24.6 litres (1500cu) when opened.

It is available in four pack sizes from 12.3 litres to 85 litres and in a choice of plain white, natural, coloured, and scented finishes thereby offering bedding that will appeal to all sectors of the market.

Additionally the range offers two innovative ‘forage and fun’ packs; Apple Orchard and Vegetable Garden, these include treats that encourage natural foraging behaviour. The new Clean & Cozy range is available to order now.

The Clean & Cosy range is distributed and sold in the UK by Interpet


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