The Dog Trouser Company launches in the UK

The Dog Trouser Company has launched dog trousers, a pet accessory designed to keep dogs, cars and homes clean after muddy and wet walks, whatever time of the year.

Founded and designed by the owner of a dog hiking business, Harriet Sinfield-Day, this new pet product was born from Harriet’s own frustrations as a dog walker. Even a short walk up the road could result in a mud-splattered, wet and dirty dog.

Having been tried and tested in the UK on challenging weather and terrain, The Dog Trouser Company has launched for busy people with active dogs of all sizes. 

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Dog Trousers are made from lightweight, breathable, waterproof, windproof, rip proof material often used in the world of sailing due to its durability.

The trousers do not restrict movement, nor interfere with the call of nature, so a dog can still run, jump, play, paddle and go to the toilet, without the mess or hard work at the end.

Each trouser ‘leg’ has a specialist Velcro strap for a snug fit around a dog’s ankles to stop the fabric riding up and the mud creeping in, and the over-body straps are soft and adjustable for your dog’s comfort. They are also designed so that a dog’s favourite coat or jumper can be worn over the top on extra cold days or for breeds prone to feeling the cold

Dog Trousers are machine washable – at 30 degrees, to save owners time. The trousers can also be hand-washed but whatever the wash method, they’re quick drying.

Designs are in red and camo grey. Every pair of trousers features a reflective strip along the back for visibility to traffic and in the dark

In addition to fending off mud and rain, Dog Trousers also provide a barrier to environmental allergens and ticks, as well as protecting longer haired dogs from burrs. They are also suitable for post-treatment or surgery for dogs that don’t adapt or cope well to wearing the traditional vet cone.

The Dog Trouser Company founder Harriet Sinfield-Day says: “I own a very busy dog hiking business, spending every day outdoors in all kinds of weather. I was finding that even with the best towel rubbing techniques, my clients’ dogs were still muddy and wet after walks.

“Having to wash and shower the dogs on such a regular basis, not to mention the countless hours spent hoovering, cleaning and washing down walls in my home, were starting to bring dread to wet days.

“The Dog Trouser Company was born out of pure desperation to stop the hassles of the post walk clean-up overshadow the joy, bond and wellbeing gained from pet and person time. Our Dog Trousers are a practical accessory for busy people with active dogs, wishing to save time on post-walk grooming and car or household cleaning.”

The Dog Trousers are available in sizes XXS to L. For enquiries, please call 01276 856 832 or email For further range information, visit

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